Common Botox Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

Good Botox is never cheap…and cheap Botox is never good.

Botox has become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures—but while it’s quick and easy, bad Botox can occur when it’s not injected properly.

So, what does bad Botox look like?  Can it be fixed?  What can you do to avoid it?  Find out here!

Overinjection = Frozen Face

Attention, Hollywood…there is such a thing as too much Botox!  Some untrained injectors over-inject their patients, causing a frozen, robotic look.  The goal is no wrinkles, but with a natural, well-rested look (even when you aren’t feeling your best!).  At SKN, our philosophy is “less is more.”  We can always add more Botox if needed, but we can’t take it away!

Too Much in the Forehead = Droopy Eyebrows

Injecting too much Botox in your forehead can cause those muscles to relax too much, which causes a heavy sensation in the area.  It can also make your eyebrows droop, causing excess eyelid skin.  There’s no quick fix to this problem; the Botox just has to wear off.  And since that can take 3 months…yikes!

Incorrect Injection = The Spock Look

While Star Trek’s Spock is famous for his Vulcan eyebrows, that is not the look we want after Botox.  One or both eyebrows pulling up too much and giving you that surprised look isn’t a normal Botox result, and it can also create little wrinkles over your lateral brow.  A good injector can usually prevent this, but if it happens, talk to your injector—it can be corrected, and it’s actually an easy fix!

Untrained Injector = Ptosis

It’s rare, but it happens: ptosis occurs when the muscles that control your eyelid are Botoxed, causing your eyelid to droop.  Then, you won’t be able to open one eyelid as much as the other.  This tends to happen with injectors who haven’t been properly trained.  There’s a prescription eyedrop that will temporarily help elevate the eyelid, but the ptosis is not corrected until the Botox has worn off in 3 months or so.

Diluted Product = Weak Results

An inexperienced Botox injector may dilute the product, inject the wrong areas, or use an incorrect amount of units.  These are all factors that can lead you to believe that your Botox isn’t working—never a good feeling when you’ve made an investment in improving your self-confidence!

How to Prevent Common Botox Mistakes

Although most Botox mistakes are temporary and go away when it wears off, 3 months is a long time to live with poor results!  Always do your research and make sure that your injector has been properly trained.  For example, ask how long they’ve been injecting and whether they’re licensed.

It’s also extremely important that your injector works with a board-certified physician in the same office.  If a medical problem should arise from your injections, the physician can step in to provide guidance and advice.  At SKN, you’re in good hands: our team is made up of medically-trained providers and licensed injectors, so you can feel confident about getting the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Ready to rock some Botox?  Click here to make your appointment at SKN, or call (501) 859-8973 for more information.

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