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Laser Hair Removal

Ideal for all skin types and tones, SPLENDOR X is a laser hair removal procedure that is safe, effective, and permanently reduces hair. SPLENDOR X combines alexandrite and Nd:YAG wavelengths for a perfectly tailored treatment that’s fast, effective, and comfortable.

What to Expect

RESULTS: Varies by patient
LASTS: Permanent
PAIN: None
REPEAT: 4 treatments



Why do people choose laser treatments over waxing?2021-06-11T15:57:46-05:00

Shaving and waxing are either too tedious or painful methods of hair removal. Our Lumenis lasers offer the additional comfort of the dual cooling system that uses cryo air which “numbs” the treated area before the laser fires.

After the course of treatments, you can expect the treated area to remain smooth without any razor bumps or irritated skin.

Who can get laser hair removal?2021-06-11T15:52:09-05:00

Almost anyone! Both men and women are eligible for laser hair removal. Most women choose to treat areas such as legs, underarms, and bikini lines while men will commonly choose to treat hair on their back and neck.

When lasers for hair removal were first introduced the only candidates were patients with light skin and dark hair. However, with newer technologies, we can now safely treat patients with dark skin, and depending on the amount of pigment in the hair, patients with lighter hair colors are also candidates.

How many treatments should I expect to have for laser hair removal?2021-06-11T15:59:50-05:00

The hair growth cycle is what determines how many treatments will be required. Not enough time between sessions will be ineffective because the hair growth cycle takes time. The time for regrowth of remaining hair will get longer after multiple sessions.

Generally, most clients will need at least 4-6 treatments around 3-6 weeks apart to completely get rid of the hair. How long and how many treatments varies on the area being treated.


Before Treatment Instructions2023-06-08T17:55:36-05:00
  • No sun exposure 2 weeks prior to treatment, including self-tanners and spray tans.
  • No retinol or retin-a 1 week prior to treatment
  • No blood thinners such an advil, aspirin, or ibuprofen 7-10 days prior to treatment
After Care Instructions2023-05-15T14:37:29-05:00

You may experience redness and mild swelling for 3 to 5 days after your treatment. Minor scabbing can develop on the treatment areas which will naturally heal. Your overall skin texture may feel dry and like sandpaper, but these are normal side effects that will subside after 4-7 days of treatment.

Avoid sun exposure and all retinol products for two weeks after your treatment.

Avoid picking or scratching the treatment area.

Sleep elevated to avoid additional swelling.

Use of a gentle serum or hyaluronic acid is recommended to enhance the results and quicken healing time.

Use sunscreen daily.

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