Patient receiving injection during PRP hair restoration treatment

PRP Hair Restoration

Hair loss is a common concern we see and can be really discouraging. It is caused by genetic factors, environmental factors, hormones, androgens, and unknown causes. PRP for hairloss is a great way to stimulate the hair follicle and promote hair growth. The treatment is done in 3 steps. We draw a tube of blood, spin it down in the centrifuge to extract PRP, and then the PRP is injected directly into the scalp, triggering hair growth and providing an effective, natural remedy for hair loss. The results take time and require 3-6 consecutive treatments 4-6 weeks apart.

What to Expect

RESULTS: It takes 3 months to start seeing results
LASTS: 1 year
RECOVERY: Little to no downtime or recovery. It is normal to experience some redness or tenderness at injection site.
PAIN: Topical numbing cream applied prior to treatment


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